Dryer Vent Cleaning Matthews NC

Dryer Vent Cleaning Matthews NC

Amazing Air Duct Matthews also provide dryer vent cleaning in Matthews NC.

Over time your dryer will collect a build up of lint, dust and debris no matter how often you change the lint trap on your dryer unit itself. The main vent which filters the air outside of the appliance and outside of your home can become a dangerous hazard if it is not cleaned consistently. Allowing the build up of lint, dust, and debris to become lodged inside the vent is not only a fire hazard but, will increase the wear and tear on your dryer , and increase your utility bills every month.

How Will The Technician Clean The Dryer Vent?

Having a thorough cleaning of your dryer vent completed by a professional will allow you the comfort of knowing a certified technician can safely remove the dryer from the vent system (taking extra precautions for natural gas appliances as they are capable of causing a natural gas leak if not disconnected properly). The technician will then remove the ventilation pipe from the duct that flows through the wall. Next, the technician will install a specially fitted brush system that will run the entire length of your dryer ductwork. Being cautious and skilled in the technique is important to remove all debris without comprising your duct work system. Connections in the vents can be somewhat fragile and cleaning of the ductwork should be completed by a certified professional as to keep the integrity of the connections for the duct work in place. The technician will scrub the entire unit ensuring debris removal. When cleaning is complete your appliance will be reconnected to the vent and the outside vent will also be reconnected. This process will leave no unsightly mess and it will ensure your family’s health as well as the health of your appliance.

Dangers and Complications of Clogged Dryer Vents

If you do not have your dryer vent cleaned, you are putting your home at risk. Dryer vent fires cause around $35 million in damage per year according to the United States Fire Administration. Fires are usually caused by clogged vents that have not been cleaned. The U.S. Fire Administration has some helpful tips about cleaning your lent trap and they do recommend having the dryer vent cleaned annually. You can find additional statistics on why dryer vent cleaning is so important to your family’s safety at usa.fema.gov. We do encourage you to view this safety information as it is vital to the well being of your family. Consumer Reports reports that over nine deaths annually are caused by dryer vent fires and many injuries are contributed to these fires as well. Consumer reports offers additional safety tips about dryer safety available here.

Additionally, dryer vent cleaning is important to the longevity to your appliance itself. Dryers preform poorly when the vent is not properly cleaned. Build up in the vent decreases the release of warm air and this causes the dryer to under preform. Usually, clients think that their dryer has gone bad and pay for dryer repairs or even buy new appliances only to find that the problem was not the dryer unit at all. It is commonly the vent that needs a thorough cleaning and then the dryer returns to its full potential to dry within one cycle. Clients have a tendency to assume that as the dryer ages it loses power and then they run the dryer through multiple cycles to dry one load of clothing. This is a common sign that the vent it actually the culprit causing a low functioning dryer.

Unfortunately, a clogged dryer vent will also raise the prices of your energy bills. As the efficiency of the dryer decreases due to debris build up clothes will not be completely dry within one cycle. Repeating cycles will raise electric and natural gas bills. Over time this adds up and will cost more than a professional cleaning.

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